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Spouses Support

​​First responder spouses have a lot to juggle. You spend a lot of time alone, including nights alone, where you have to be EVERYTHING: the decision maker, the disciplinarian, the problem solver, the protector etc. You have your own worries about the dangers of the job itself and what those dangers might mean for your family. You see how committed to their work they are and do your best to hold it all together. It can be isolating since individuals beyond first responder families might not completely relate. Your spouse deals with some of the most terrifying things human nature has to offer and you might take on some of those worries. Making time to take care of yourself and talk about your experience with someone that gets it can help! If you're experiencing any of the following I can help.

*I feel more worried and anxious lately

*I'm feeling down and a little detached

*I'm having a hard time focusing

*I'm having a hard time adjusting 

*I've been feeling lost lately

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