Therapy and Support for
First Responder Families

As the parent managing it ALL, you've come here for a better understanding and help. Together we can find the answers and tools that will help you get your family back on track. 


The job tends to influence just about every aspect of your life. This is why when we're talking about challenges coming up in your family it would be a big mistake not to acknowledge all the unique challenges you encounter on a daily basis as a police wife, fire wife, military wife etc.

I understand the daily frustrations you face beyond what you're here for... scheduling, holidays, and constantly changing family routines. Each shift you have to try and shut out those "what ifs" that arise when your spouse goes off to work. You're tasked with perfecting both "single" and co-parenting depending on the day. Needless to say, your family is often adapting in order to serve the needs of our community. Your family deserves services that understand the beautiful juggling act that each of you are in. 

As a first responder family it can be hard to really trust outsiders understand the unique challenges of your family. I have multiple law enforcement officers in my immediate family and I am married to a firefighter. This is why I get it and can provide you with services that you can trust. 


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Location: 2222 Second Street, Suite 16, Livermore, California, 94550



Location: 2222 Second Street, Suite 16, Livermore, California, 94550

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