Rachelle Zemlok, PsyD

Hi, I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California. I have been a first responder family member since I was in high school! Back when my my coolest moment was when my oldest brother picked me up from school in his police car... oh how far I've come. Since then, the amount of first responders in our family has multiplied. Needless to say, holiday scheduling is a huge task over here. I never had the desire to be a first responder myself, however I have always felt immense gratitude for the sacrifices they make to serve our communities and I am on a mission to provide some real value and support to this community.

I am a proud fire spouse, which you can read all about in my book! You can imagine how marrying a firefighter went over for all the law enforcement officers in my family. I enjoy how our gatherings are always filled with hilarious banter. I earned my doctorate degree in 2013 from Alliant International University in San Francisco. There I conducted original research (my dissertation) with interviews from officers, spouses of officers, and adult children of officers to better understand “The Impacts of Police Work on Law Enforcement Families.” I completed my postdoctoral training providing treatment to law enforcement personnel and their family members. I have had the opportunity to attend many ride alongs and live trainings for emergency responders which has been helpful in developing an understanding of the day to day challenges of the jobs themselves. In October 2018 I released a book "The Firefighter Family Academy: A Guide to Educate and Prepare Spouses for the Career Ahead" which I hope adds value to the lives of new firefighter spouses and family members. For the last couple of years I have been working full time providing treatment to children and families in a managed care setting serving a broad range of challenges. I continue to work there part-time while I open First Responder Family Psychology to serve you! 


My Approach

Whether in the community or in my office, my priority is to first build a quality trusting relationship with you and add value to your life. Each individual and family is different which is why I hope to develop a good understanding of what brought you in and what you are looking for. Then together we will build and agree on a solid plan that might incorporate different approaches that help us reach our goals. If you're looking for something that I do not offer, I'll let you know, and we can try and find a better fit for you.


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