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(50 min session)

For most individuals (unless you meet criteria for insurance listed below) I am a non-network provider.

Benefits of paying out of pocket: 

1. No mental health information will need to go on your permanent medical record like it does when using insurance.

2. I do not need to give you a diagnosis for the purpose of justifying "medical necessity," which is required by insurance.

3. You and I get to make decisions on the frequency and length of treatment versus following what your insurance plan covers.

4. Private paying clinicians are usually specialists in their area of expertise, and insurance providers often need to be generalists due to the nature of the contracts they have agreed to.

If you are interested in full or partial reimbursement for my services there may be ways you can still do this depending on your current coverage.

1. You can often times use your flexible spending account or health savings account for mental health services. Check with your insurance company about how to go about doing that if you're unsure.

2. Check your "Summary of Benefits" to learn more about what might be offered to you. You might see an "Out of Network Deductible" or a description of "Coinsurance." In both of these cases you may need to pay a portion or the full amount up front, and then submit a claim for your insurance to reimburse you fully or partially. I can provide you with the  documentation for the claim (also known as a superbill). Be aware that this document will have some information about your treatment (such as a diagnosis) to justify medical necessity to your insurance.

3. You can call your insurance company and ask them questions on what your options are for an "out of network" service.


Claremont Employee Assistance Program

I have a specific number of spots that are open to FIRST RESPONDERS and/or their family members that are associated with a department that uses CLAREMONT E.A.P. This means my services will be covered for you for the specific number of sessions offered to you through your department's contract.

Some Departments that may qualify (note: there may be more and some of these may have changed since this posting):

-Alameda County





-Napa County

-Oakland Fire


-San Mateo County

WHAT? Claremont EAP provides employees a certain number of sessions (differs for departments) to use each year for first responders or their family members. These sessions can be used to address:

  • Stress (work related or not)

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Parent/ child conflict

  • Child behavioral issues 

  • ADHD

  • Other personal issues

WHO? Claremont's EAP services can be used for "all family members living in the immediate household and children under the age of 26 regardless of residence." ​

HOW? Contact Claremont directly to initiate this process at 800-834-3773. They can let you know how many free sessions are available to you. You can let them know you'd like to see me and then they will send me a referral on behalf of you.

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Family Fun in Field

Concern Employee Assistiance Program

If you are a FIRST RESPONDER or a family member of one that is associated with a department that uses CONCERN E.A.P. This means that my services will be covered for you for the specific number of sessions offered to you through your department's contract.

If you'd like to initiate these sessions for yourself or ask how many you have available to you please call CONCERN at 1-800-344-4222. Let them know you are a first responder or family member of one and if you'd like to see me specifically you can give them my name. 

Some Departments that may qualify (note: there may be more and some of these may have changed since this posting):

- San Ramon Valley Fire

- City of Piedmont Police and Fire

- City of Petaluma

- City of Stanislas

-Moraga Orinda Fire Protection District

-Consummes Community Service District

-City of Menlo Park

- City of San Bruno

- City of San Mateo

- City of Vacaville

- City of Gilroy

- City of Morgan Hill

- City of Seaside

- City of Monterey

Get in Touch

CANCELLATION POLICY: I ask that you please notify me of a cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your appt. If this does not happen you will be required to pay the full fee.

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