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Therapy for Children and Teens

When one parent is a first responder, it can bring a whole new challenge to raising a family. You are likely here searching for answers on how to best support your family. Based on the assigned shift and nature of the work for first responders, spouses often have to parent and take care of daily life independently for periods of time. This often places you in a position to be the first one to notice when something isn't right. Not having your spouse around to share the load for periods of time can be hard enough, and then one of your children start to show challenges beyond what's expected! This can make life unbearable during those times you're already just surviving. If you've noticed any of the following, I can help.

*Why is my child so worried?

*Why is my child refusing school?

*Why is my child always getting stomach aches and/or headaches?

*Why is my child having a hard time focusing?

*Why is my child so defiant?

*Why is my child so angry?

*Why is my child acting out?

As a parent you notice that something might not be right, however it's hard to pin point what's really going on for your child. I can help you identify what might be impacting your child and together we will discover the tools best suited for your family to overcome the current obstacles. You'll develop the understanding you've been looking for so you can continue to support your family's success.

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