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It's hard choosing a complete stranger to talk to about about some of the most personal thoughts and experiences you have had. This can be even more difficult for first responders whom often feel pretty protective of personal information.

There may be a concern that opening up about emotions or thoughts that are not pleasant might say something negative about your job capabilities. There might be an even bigger concern that this information could ultimately make its way back to personnel at work and impact you negatively. 

If you share any of those concerns, I want you to know that I take confidentiality very seriously. Not doing so could lead to the loss of my license. Beyond that though, I care deeply about the families serving our communities finding the help they are looking for when they need it. I know that is not going to happen until you feel comfortable knowing that the therapist sitting in front of you understands how important this is to you.

I want you to know that I have considered confidentiality each step of the way. For example, I hope you can find comfort in the office space I am currently subleasing that is purposefully located in a semi private area most people have never seen. Prior to the first session, you will get intake paperwork that discusses as many aspects about your confidentiality as possible, and I encourage you to ask any questions that might come up as you read it. I want you to feel that your personal information is as secure as possible before we start working together.

Also, I offer online therapy where you can engage from the comfort of your own home ensuring you never have to worry about seeing anyone you know. 

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