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As we know, the first responder job can be all consuming and start to shift and change the first responder's identity, outlook, and interactions with those around them. It’s important for couples to understand that many of the skills that make people successful as a first responder may actually be damaging over time to romantic relationships if applied at home. Switching into and out of the role is important. 

The first responder lifestyle also has huge impacts on our schedule and the time left for us to connect as a couple. Especially with a family, it can feel like there is little left to invest in one another. We can find ourselves slowly growing apart emotionally or being irritable and negative towards one another much more than we ever intended. 

My knowledge and experience living the lifestyle and my education in couples therapy can help you and your spouse better understand each other's world, communicate more effectively, and to rebuild intimacy. First responders seem to appreciate the fact that I understand a good amount of the ins and outs of their work, and the impacts it can have on relating to their spouse, so they don't have to explain it.

I have completed level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. This simply means I have undergone 30 hours of training specifically on utilizing this method with couples. It's not my job in couples therapy to decide who's right or wrong. I actually choose to work with this theory because the guiding principle is for me (as the therapist) is to discover where your communication breaks down and give the two of you effective tools (backed by research) that you can implement to improve all future communication. My goal is always to teach you what I know so you can get to a place where you don't need me.

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